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Affordable Warmth

Looking to get a free boiler? The ECO Affordable warm Scheme has been introduced to reduce fuel poverty and reduce heating costs. You could be entitled to an ‘A’ rated energy efficient boiler, check below to see you qualify.

What can you get from the Affordable Warm programme?

You boiler consumes 60% of your annual energy costs. Installing a new energy-efficient boiler could save you plenty of money.

Can I really get a new boiler for free?

This is part of our Government’s goal to reduce gas emissions. The ECO (The Energy Companies Obligation) requires energy companies to improve the energy efficiency of households. They aim to achieve this by improving the home efficiency for people with a low income or on certain benefits. The scheme is better know as Affordable Warmth.

A new boiler could save you up to £310 a year on your heating bills.

Your new boiler would be fitted by a qualified installer, who are affiliated with the Affordable Warmth programme. Only these types of installers can carry out the work, this guarantees that the work will done to a professional level. An authorised assessor will first conduct an in-home assessment.

The benefit of this is you don’t have to pick up the bill. Under the ECO, the Government, to pay for these upgrades, has been allocated this money to the big energy companies.

The Affordable Warm programme doesn’t just provide you with a free boiler. It could also provide you with loft and cavity wall insulation. If your property is built after 1930 then you’ll find a gap between the inner and outer layers of your walls. Filling this gap, with insulation, will hold the heat in your property longer, saving you money. The same applies for the heat lost through your roof. Better loft insulation will hold more heat, again saving you money.

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