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What you need to know about boiler fault codes, boiler trouble shooting & boiler error codes

Boiler fault codes, also known as boiler error codes, are the numerical indicators of types of faults or errors that occur in a boiler. Boiler trouble shooting benefits the most from boiler fault codes, making it easy for an even an untrained person to just see the boiler error code and figure out the fault in the boiler by reading the details of the error in the manual. Just before the onset of winter boiler repairs and servicing are foremost in everyone's to do list. When checking for faults, the display panel on the boiler shows all the faults, if any, in the shape of boiler fault codes. This facilitates the repair person to get to the heart of the problem, thus saving time and precious money.

Even the most reliable and robust of boilers will break down one day. They have to be fixed and a logical approach to fault finding and repair is essential. This is where boiler error codes come into action. Fault finding is about solving the problem. Put into simple words the problem is that the boiler is failing to do its job, it is either not doing the heating bit or putting the hot water in the taps. The objective is to diagnose the fault as accurately as possible and boiler fault codes enable that possibility to become a reality. The accurate diagnosis made by following boiler error codes is a big advantage specially for the user who wants the boiler to be shut down for the least possible time and have effective repairs carried out so that a comfortable, trouble free winter is spent.

Boiler error codes denote faults which can be placed in two categories:

Those faults that can be rectified through boiler trouble shooting by the end user and boiler fault codes that denote errors that would require the services of an engineer or installer. Boiler fault codes diagnose problems which can be rectified by trouble shooting and can be anything ranging from overheating to low water pressure. Boiler error codes about faults that require the services of a qualified engineer or installer can be faulty sensors or temperature controls.

Boiler trouble shooting is very difficult without boiler error codes;

in effect the boiler would have to be dismantled partially or wholly for even the smallest of errors. For instance nowadays if a boiler keeps switching on and off a boiler error code will almost definitely be the one for low water pressure, and the problem can be solved without the expensive visit of an engineer. Similarly other faults like frozen condensate pipe, thermostat issues etc. are all detected and diagnosed with one look at the boiler fault code.

Boiler trouble shooting and boiler error codes are part and parcel of the same means to an end which is keeping the boiler up and running without a hitch and subsequently providing peace of mind for households. Quick tips are available on our website and our qualified engineers are here to help the end user in boiler repairs. Interpretation of some common boiler error codes is also available.

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