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Ariston Microcombi repairs

Are you experiencing a fault with your Ariston Microcombi boiler? Book a fixed price boiler repair today by called 0844 272 0941 and we’ll send you a Gas Safe registered engineer to repair it.

Why choose us to repair your boiler?

✔  A fixed price repair
✔  With no call out fee’s to pay and no labour limits
✔  A call out time convenient for you, mornings, afternoons or weekends
✔  12 months guarantee on parts fitted

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Below are examples of faults people have experienced with their Ariston Microcombi boiler.

Hi everyone, I have just moved into a flat which has the Ariston Microcombi boiler system.

I don’t know the exact model

I can get hot water fine, the minute I turn a tap on the pilot light fires up and the water is roasting, but I can’t get any heating to come on at all.

When I press the ‘winter mode’button a faint green l.e.d light comes on,but the pilot light does not fire up nor do the radiators heat up.

I have a small child in the house and although it is July today we are all freezing!

Anyone have any ideas as to what it might be? Thanks


Wonder if anyone can help.

I’ve had a job that I went too where the PCB was burn’t out on a ARISTON MICROCOMBI 23 MFFI and not working. It was burn’t underneath at the capacitor.

I’ve fitted a new pcb board (part number: 65100248) but now after fitting it the power light on boiler will not come on until I disconnect the terminal CN202 on the pcb board,

Now i’ve done some investigating and when you disconnect the domestic HW flow switch it the boiler then works.

It looks like the domestic HW flow switch has 3 wiring connections so question is is it just that, that is FAULTY or is it another component that is causing the pcb mains-on light not to light.

Question is is this also what caused the pcb to burn in the first place?

Anyone familiar with ariston boilers??