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Biasi Advance repairs

Are you experiencing a fault with your Advance boiler? Book a fixed price boiler repair today by called 0844 272 0941 and we’ll send you a Gas Safe registered engineer to repair it.

Why choose us to repair your boiler?

✔  A fixed price repair
✔  With no call out fee’s to pay
✔  A call out time convenient for you, mornings, afternoons or weekends
✔  12 months guarantee on parts fitted

Call for more information on 0844 272 0941

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Below are examples of faults people have experienced with their Biasi Advance boiler.

I have a 2 year old Biasi Riva Advance M110.32 SM/C. The boiler will start and ignite yet not carry on firing in either CH or HW. Checked the pump, gas valve solenoid coil resistance, overheat stat, flue temperature monitor, the condense trap all are fine. I did hear of a recent Biasi recall but emails to Biasi never returned.

Any advice appreciaited. Thanks

hi i posted on this topic before but not sure how i add to it so i have started a new topic..

i have an 8 month old biasi riva advance boiler that has a hot water fault in that the water goes hot then cold and so on, i had a good few replies that were very helpful and all said its probably the he plate blocked as the boiler was not powerflushed when fitted,the pipe work is also the old microbore pipework as i have a victorian i bought a new he plate and today had a plumber to fit it and why he was here he also fitted a fernox tf1 mag filter and all the chemicals that i also the problem is still there??
plumber says leave it a week or so to see if the chemicals and filter do unblock/solve the issue??
if not he says its probably the heat exchanger and its not worth doing due to time and cost…
can anyone shed some more experiance on this for me please….also i know the boiler is still under guarentee so worse case ill get biasi to come out… thanks