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Glow-worm Aquaplus repairs

Are you experiencing a fault with your Aquaplus boiler? Book a fixed price boiler repair today by called 0844 272 0941 and we’ll send you a Gas Safe registered engineer to repair it.

Why choose us to repair your boiler?

✔  A fixed price repair
✔  With no call out fee’s to pay
✔  A call out time convenient for you, mornings, afternoons or weekends
✔  12 months guarantee on parts fitted

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Below are examples of faults people have experienced with their Glowworm Aquaplus boiler.

Hi all, my mate has a vailant aquaplus combi & it is cutting out when he runs the hot tap (the temperature rises rapidly, then it cuts out). It shows a fault code 24, which i am led to believe is due to poor circulation. he said it makes alot of noise when running, consistent with possible circulation problems. As the hot water heat exchanger is so small, could it be “furred up”? We live in hartlepool which is a notorious hard water area. Forgive the lack of knowledge (we are both sparks), but are not totally useless, so i would like to know if we could descale the heat exchanger to solve the problem? Also would love any further help if we are barking up the wrong tree. I know you can get additives to clean the system that you add, but don’t need to drain off after use, but do these just clear sludge or can you get a descaler that does the same job? Failing that, the heat exchanger doesn’t look to difficult to remove, so could we take it out & descale it with kettle descaler, without damaging it? Hope you guys can help, cheers,Andy

Hi there,

Could someone please shed some light on my boiler nightmare.

I have a Vaillant AquaPlus, fitted 2.5 years ago. 4 months ago, hot water was running to luke warm, then eventually turned to cold. Heating then packed up too, leaving F.24 fault code on display. Called the out the guy that originally fitted it, he suspected that the diverter valve had gone, he called Vaillant technical support, who backed up this theory. So a new diverter valve was fitted, the system was up and running shortly after but he advised I have at some point the system power flushed. I had this done 2 weeks ago, since then, I’ve noticed the rads are hot at top and around edges, but warm/cool in the middle and bottom, normally I’ve read on this forum denoting that there is possibly sludge in the system. The water has gone again a week after power flushing, and the F.24 code has re-appeared. My plumber has been back on several occasions (for free) to try and sort this problem out for me. He has installed and inhibitor, as hard water is a high level here, he has cleaned heat exchangers, changed the hot water thermostat and checked the pump. I’ve read that it could be the APS, one person wrote in to say that her APS was faulty and this was (apparently) a common fault on Vaillant boilers – could this be true? I’ve mentioned to him. He called Vaillant to see if they would support this claim, but they said that the internet forums weren’t reliable!

Please, please could somebody shed some light on this for me, as reluctant to call out Vaillant engineer at this stage, as come so far now, there can’t be much more to check?

Thanks in advance