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Vaillant Ecomax repairs

Are you experiencing a fault with your Ecomax boiler? Book a fixed price boiler repair today by called 0844 272 0941 and we’ll send you a Gas Safe registered engineer to repair it.

Why choose us to repair your boiler?

✔  A fixed price repair
✔  With no call out fee’s to pay
✔  A call out time convenient for you, mornings, afternoons or weekends
✔  12 months guarantee on parts fitted

Call for more information on 0844 272 0941, 

Our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Below are examples of faults people have experienced with their Vaillant Ecomax boiler.

Fitting a bathroom at the moment, but was concerned at the poor hot water flow rate. I measured the flow rate and it is only 5l/min. After sifting through the Vaillant manual I tried to adjust the water section of the divertor valve but was allready in the full flow rate position.
I’ve searced this forum but cant find a similar problem, I’m thinking that the diaphram needs replacing?

Oh its the ecomax with the black control panel, not the ecomax plus or pro.

The boiler is 10years old and the owner said its been like it from installation.

Im a corgi registered installer

Any advice welcome, i would rather not change the whole divertor valve due to cost to the customer as they are a family friend!

I have a Vaillant Ecomax pro boiler. About two weeks ago there was a fault with it F11 – system board, so I took the cover off and replugged everything in again. I noticed that the combustion chamber was leaking what looks like steam at the bottom. Called the plumber who serviced the boiler about 9 months ago, the boiler is 4 years old. He said not to worry, just carry on using it and would fit a new seal. He still has not done so – despite much chasing.
After some ‘googling’ I have read about graphite seals and meltdowns etc.. I know that this seal has never been changed from the original silicone one.

I think it is a vain hope to get this fixed now before the holiday. Is it dangerous? Can as a temporary measure seal the leak with some high temp silicone like you use on ovens. (Usually red)? Why hasn’t vaillant contacted me, if there was a recall? Is my plumber just not doing his job properly?

I have another Ecomax 828/2 but this is a combi in my office/annex this also has been annually serviced but again no seals changed, should I be worried?

Sorry for all the questions.