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Boiler fault and errors codes for the Keston C90 and C110 boiler

Do you have a faulty Keston boiler? MR Boiler Repairs is the UK’s leading boiler repair and service specialist, providing support for domestic, commercial and residential properties. Our low cost fixed price repair service will provide you with peace of mind and avoid any scary repair bills.

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Are you experiencing a fault with your Keston C90 and C110 boiler? In the event of a fault causing a boiler shutdown the display will show an error message “E nn”.

Error codes for the Keston C40 and C55 boilers

E00     Flame detection when not expected

E02     No ignition after restart

E03     Gas valve faulty or not connected

E04     Power has been reset whilst boiler was in lockout

E11     Internal electronics error

E18     Flow overheat

E19     Maximum return temperature

E25     Flow overheat

E30     Difference between flow and return temperatures too high

E31     Flow thermistor short circuit

E32     Return thermistor short circuit

E36     Flow thermistor open circuit

E37     Return thermistor open circuit

E44     Low water pressure

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