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Boiler fault code help for your faulty Alpha SY9 24 boiler

Do you have a faulty Alpha SY9 24 boiler then MR Boiler Repairs is the the company for your! We are the UK’s leading boiler repair and service specialist, providing support for domestic, commercial and residential properties. Our low cost fixed price repair service will provide you with peace of mind and avoid any scary repair bills.

Experiencing no heating or hot water from your faulty Alpha boiler? try to solve the problem by following the simple checks.

Indicator neons/Fault codes for the SY9 24 boiler

    • B  Flashing very slowly (every 5 seconds) – electricity supply is on
    • B  Illuminated continuously – burner is alright
    • B  Flashing on and off – Temperature sensor fault
    • A  Flashing on and off – Overheat thermostat has operated
    • A  Illuminated continuously – Burner has failed to light
    • A&B  Flashing on and off at the same time – Blocked flue or fan fault
    • A&B  Flashing on and off alternatively – System pressure low
  • A Is illuminated continuously and B flashing – pump fault/restricted  flow

If you require a approved service engineer to repair your faulty boiler then book a boiler repair.

Read through the boiler manual for more information on the SY9 24 boiler for trouble shooting advice.










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