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Trouble shooting for the Baxi Combi 105 HE Boiler

If you’re experiencing a fault with your Baxi Combi 105 HE boiler then you may require a boiler repair to get it working again. Below you’ll find a list of boiler faults that may give you an indication to the cause of your boiler fault. If you require a Baxi repair then call our 24hr call centre.

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Baxi Combi 105 HE Faults

Air Flow Monitor

1. The boiler is fitted with an air pressure-sensing device. This monitors the flue system.

2. If the (Fan Logo) neon illuminates it indicates that the flue or flue terminal is blocked or obstructed in some way, or that there is an internal fault. If there is no external blockage of the flue terminal that can be easily removed contact your Installer or Service Engineer.

Pump Fault or Low Pressure

1. The neon (triangle logo) will illuminate if the circulating pump is faulty or the system pressure drops below the minimum requirement

2. Check the pressure gauge, If the pressure is in the normal range, a pump fault is indicated. Contact your Installer or Service Engineer to determine the nature of the fault.

Sensor Fault

1. When either of the (tap logo) (radiator logo) neon’s is illuminated a fault on one of the temperature sensors is indicated (Fig. 1). Contact your Installer or Service Engineer.

Pump Protection

1. With the selector switch in the on position the pump will automatically operate for 1 minute in every 24 hours to prevent sticking.

Safety Thermostat

1. Your Baxi Combi HE is fitted with an additional safety devices, which shut down the boiler in the event of the system, boiler or flue overheating. The safety thermostat neon (thermostat logo) will light in this instance

Flame Failure

1. The red flame failure neon (flame logo) will illuminate in the event of the burner failing to light, when incomplete lighting of the burner occurs or blockage of the condensate drain.

To Reset the Safety Thermostat or Flame Failure

1. To reset: Turn the selector fully anti-clockwise against the spring pressure to the ‘Reset’ position for at least two seconds and release.

2. If after turning the selector to the ‘Reset’ position the boiler does not relight or the safety thermostat or flame failure operates repeatedly, causing boiler shutdown, a fault is indicated. Your Installer or Service Engineer should be contacted as soon as possible.










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