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Biasi Advance Plus boiler fault codes

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Are you experiencing a fault with your Advance Plus 25c, 30c, 35c, 16s, 25s or 30s boiler? See the table below to find the details behind the fault code, error and the reason for the boiler fault.  Your boiler will be equipped with an internal diagnosis function and error or fault code will be displayed via the control panel display if your appliance experiences a fault.

If you require a visit from a Gas Safe service engineer to repair your boiler then book a Biasi boiler repair or a Biasi boiler service today.

Fault code table for the Advance Plus boiler

Er 01 + Reset                          Lack of burner ignition

Er 02 + Reset                          Safety thermostat lockout

Er 03 + Reset                          Other faults

Er 04 + (spanner)                 Faulty primary circuit (no water or absence of flow)

Er 05 + (spanner)                 Faulty fan control system

Er 06 + (spanner)                 Faulty c.h temperature probe

Er 07 + (spanner)                 Faulty d.h.w temperature probe NTC

Er 08 + (spanner)                 Faulty external temperature probe NTC (if fitted)

Er 09 + (spanner)                 Faulty flue temperature probe NTC

Er 10 + Reset                          Lockout – flue temperature probe NTC 

                                                (Flue temp > 120c)

Er 14 + (spanner)                 Faulty primary circuit (no water or absence of flow) 

Er 14 + Reset                          Faulty pump (absence of water flow in the main    circuit) or primary temperature above 105c

Li 01                                        Primary circuit temperature limit during d.h.w operation

An 11                                       Parasite flame    


These codes are taken from the user manual of this boiler and should only be

used as guidance only. If you are experiencing a fault then you should only used a

Gas Safe registered engineer to repair or service your Biasi Advance Plus boiler.










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