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Biasi RIVA boiler fault codes

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Are you experiencing a fault with your RIVA OV boiler? See the table below to find the details behind the fault code, error and the reason for the boiler fault.  Your boiler will be equipped with an internal diagnosis function and error or fault code will be displayed via the control panel display if you appliance experiences a fault.

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Fault code table for the Biasi RIVA boiler


LED CODE                              FAULT                                     REASON

 1                                             Overheat appliance               Water temp greater

                                                                                                than 105c


2                                           Water flow failure                  Sensor temperature

                                                or Differential check              differential incorrect

                                                faulty/flame for a short

                                                period only                

 3                                            No gas or Lockout                  Low gas pressure

                                                flame signal/No flame,         No flame signal on

                                                lockout after 5 ignition          ignition, or loss of

                                                attempts                                 signal during operation

 4                                             Flue gas sensor/No               Flue gas temperature

                                                flame                                       greater than 95c


LED CODE                              FAULT                                     REASON


5                                              Defective sensor                    Defective flow

                                                No flame                                 return or flue sensor


6                                              Defective gas valve/              5 sect flame signal after

                                                Flame continues after           burner is switched off

                                                Demand ends


7                                              Defective fan/ No                   Missing or Erroneous 

                                                flame                                       RPM signal


A                                             PCB error/No flame               Internal error


b                                              Activate BCC/ No                   New BCC



C                                             Safety system failure/           Failure of internal

                                                No flame                                 self checking system


E                                             BCC error/No flame               Incorrect/Missing BCC


h                                              No flame                                 No demand/Faulty



O                                             Differential check                   Water flow rate too

Faulty/flame for 15               low



P                                              Error in power supply/         Low main voltage

                                                No flame


These codes are taken from the user manual of this boiler and should be

used as a guidance only. If you are experiencing a fault then you should only used

a Gas Safe registered engineer to repair or service your Biasi Riva boiler.










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