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Boiler Fault Code Information For The OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31C boiler

Do you have a faulty Ferroli OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31C boiler? Your boiler is equipped with an advanced self-diagnosis system. In case of a boiler fault, the display will flash together with the fault symbol, indicating the fault code.

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Fault and error codes for the OPTIMAX HE PLUS 31C boiler

A01     No burner ignition

A02     Flame present signal with burner off, possible electrical fault

A03     Over temperature protection activation

A04     Fume thermostat fault

A05     Fan fault or fume pressure switch fault

A06     No flame after the ignition phase

F07     High fume temperature

F10     Delivery sensor 1 fault

F11     Return sensor fault

F13     Fume sensor fault

F14     Delivery sensor 2 fault

F15     Fan fault

F34     Supply voltage under 170V

F35     Mains frequency anomaly

F37     Incorrect system water pressure

F39     External probe fault

A41     Sensor positioning

F42     Heating sensor fault

A62     No communication between electronic controller and gas valve

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There are faults that cause permanent shutdown (marked with the letter “A”): to restore operation, press the RESET button 1 second or RESET on the optional remote timer control if installed; if the boiler fails to start, it is necessary to eliminate the fault.

Faults marked with the letter “F” cause temporary shutdowns that are automatically reset as soon as the value returns within the boiler’s normal working range.


Ferroli Boiler Manuals / Instructions

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