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Appliance Repairs – Who offers the best service

When one of your appliances breaks down in your home you want it repaired quickly and cheaply. The Internet is flooded with repair companies trying to compete for your business but which one offers the best service? Take a Dyson vacuum cleaner for example, we looked at 2 national repair companies and looked at their prices and services.


They offer a fixed price repair for £99, this includes:

  • Call Out and Evaluation
  • All Required Parts and Labour
  • Professional Safety Check
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • VAT
  • No Hidden Cost

They will send you out a 3rd party engineer to repair your Dyson to get it back up and working again.

0800 Repair

They offer a maximum labour charge of £60 but you’d have to pay extra for any parts that are required to be fitted.

But wait, there’s another option. Did you know that Dyson provide their own repair service? Not only would they send out an official Dyson engineer but they’ll also charge a lot less than most companies out there. Their fixed price repair is only £73 and they will also provide you with a 12 months guarantee on labour and parts.

So before you book use a 3rd party company to repair your appliance, contact the manufacturer first because they might work out cheaper.

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