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How to maintain your heating system

Maintaining your central heating system will not only prolong the life of your boiler but will help you save money on your heating bills.

Annual Boiler Servicing

It’s important to have you boiler serviced on an annual basis, especially if you have an older boiler. During your boiler service your engineer will test your boiler for potential faults, which could lead to the system breaking down. Even if your feel your boiler is working efficiently you should let an experienced Gas Safe engineer to check your system.

Manufacturer Repairs will carry out an boiler service for you.

Power Flush

Your central heating system may require a power flush if you find sludge in your system. A power flush will remove any build up of sludge or corrosive materials that are lodged in your central heating pipes. You should have a power flush when you first install your boiler and then at regular intervals.

Check Your Radiators

Are your radiators cold at the top and hot at the bottom? If yes, then you’ll need to bleed your radiators. This can occur when there is air getting into your system, you should ask a heating engineer to check for the source of the problem. This article will explain how to bleed your radiator.

Are their boiler noises?

Can you hear loud clanging noises when your boiler is switched on? This could indicate there is a fault and you may require a boiler repair.

The fault could be down to a build up of lime scale or sludge. If this is the fault then you will need it to be chemically treated. Another possibility could be a build up of air, which can be solved by bleeding your radiators. If you here a banging noise when the boiler is fired up then its best to seek advise from a  Gas Safe engineer and book a boiler repair.

Don’t have you boiler on too high

You ideally want to keep your temperature at 18 – 20 degrees Celcius. This will require less effort from the boiler and will help prolong the life of your boiler, it will also help reduce your heating costs.

If you chose to keep your boiler at a high temperature then you may want to look at better insulation for your home, also consider heat saving devises.

Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Visit our article on do I need a carbon monoxide monitor?

Look for staining

Look for and stains or discolouration around your boiler and around your flue. If you discover any staining or discolouration then book a boiler repair immediately. It could indicate a leak that could have serious implications.

You should only use a Gas Safe Registered engineer attend to your boiler whether you require a boiler repair or an annual boiler service then Manufacturer Repairs is all you need.