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Are You Experiencing No Heating Or Hot Water?

If you are experiencing a boiler fault causing you problems with your boiler not heating or with water running cold when the boiler is on, then we have tried to set out some tips for you to follow below before you ring MR Boiler Repairs for further assistance:-

1.Check that the central heating programmer is set to “on.” It is possible that it could have been turned off by mistake causing problems with the boiler not heating.

2.Check the thermometer. This should be turned up to a adequate temperature. Make sure you turn this until you hear the distinct sound of a click.

3.Check that your electricity supply is switched on and that the central heating fuse has not blown. If you find that these are both okay, but the programmer is still not receiving any power, then you should call our 24 hour UK call centre on 0844 272 0941 as it could be that a connection has become loose. Our fixed fee price for repairing a boiler fault is just £229.00 and there are no additional call out fees. On top of that our parts*, labour* and VAT are all included.

Book a repair today to fix your no heating or hot water

✓  A fixed price boiler repair
✓  With no call out fee’s to pay
✓  A call out time convenient for you, morning, evenings and weekends
✓  12 months guarantee on parts fitted


4.Some boilers have a motorised valve fitted which controls the flow of hot water from the boiler. If your boiler has one of these, slide the manual lever to open it. If you find resistance, then the valve is not opening properly, which could mean that the motor has burnt out. You will need to contact our 24 hour customer hotline.

5.If it is the pump that isn’t working, try starting it manually. Turn off the central heating system and wait for the pump to cool down. Remove the screw in the middle of the pump and turn the pump’s manual starter, called the impeller. This may either be a small screw that needs to be turned with a screwdriver, or it could be a handle. If you still have no success, then try using a mallet to tap the pump casing sharply a couple of times. Alternatively, remove the pump and try flushing clean water through it with a hosepipe, but do not submerge it in water. If this still is unsuccessful then you may need to replace the pump entirely.

6.If the pump is running, but the boiler does not light, check that the pilot light is on and that the gas supply is turned on at the meter. In the case of an old boiler, you will need to check that the fuel is turned on and that there is oil in the tank. If the pilot light is off you will need to check your manual. However, if you have this kind of boiler fault we would recommend for you to contact our 24 hour customer hotline.

7.If you have a combination boiler that will not light, try checking the pressure gauge. This should be at least 0.5 bar. If it is above this you will need to call a qualified central heating engineer. If it is below, then try topping up the water via the mains filling point.

8.If the mains pressure in your entire house has dropped, which you should be able to tell by running your taps, then you may want to contact your water company.

If you need professional help for problems such as your boiler heating but no hot water or your water running cold when boiler is on then look no further then MR Boiler Repairs. All of our services are supplied by trusted gas engineers that will be able to help you either on the same day. Or if you would prefer the same day! If that wasn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to note that we fully guarantee any parts fitted during our repair for 12 months. If so, please do not hesitate to contact us and call our 24 hour UK call centre on 0844 272 0941