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What is a Powerflush?

This is a cleansing process that removes deposits of rust, sludge and any other debris from your central heating system. These debris can seriously affect the efficiency of your heating system.

What happens during the powerflush process?

This process aims to restore full circulation of water around your central heating system.  It can also eliminate noise from your boiler and the pump too. You entire central heating system has to be powerflushed in order to the best results.

Your heating engineer would connect a powerful high flow/low pressure pumping unit to your central heating system. With the help of high strength cleansing chemicals they will flush all debris out of you system

What chemicals do they use?

They include:

  • Crust breaker and remover to get rid of rust and sludge
  • Descaler to breakdown limescale
  • Inhibitor to stop further rusting from occurring

How can I tell if I need a powerflush?

There are number of signs you should look out for. These include

  • Cold areas on radiators
  • Excessive noise from your boiler of the heating pump
  • Discoloured water when you bleed your radiators
  • Slow warming of your heating system
  • Tap water getting cloudy

A powerflush can be an expensive process but it also save you money over time on your heating bills. You should make sure that you central heating system is efficient at all times and we as recommend you have your boiler service once a year too.