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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – What are the dangers?

Only last weekend we heard about the tragic loss of 3 people losing their life’s in Cornwall from carbon monoxide poisoning. Are you aware of the danger signs for carbon monoxide poisoning though? A headache is the most common symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning but other symptoms include: Dizziness and nausea Vomiting Tiredness and confusion Stomach pain Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing Symptoms can be mistaken for food poisoning and flu. However, unlike flue, carbon monoxide poisoning does not cause a high temperature. The longer you inhale CO gas, the worse your symptoms will be. You will lose balance, your vision and memory. Eventually, you may lose consciousness. This could even occur within 2 hours if there is a lot of CO gas in the air. Who are most at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning? Certain people in your household may be affected more quickly than other. Those at particular risk include Babies and young children Pregnant women People with heart or breathing problems Pets may be the first to show signs because they are vulnerable to the effects of CO gas. How can I protect myself from carbon monoxide poisoning?Buy yourself a carbon monoxide detector should be a priority and you can pick theses up for the same price as a smoke alarm. Having a boiler service on a regular basis will also help... read more

Appliance Repairs – Who offers the best service

When one of your appliances breaks down in your home you want it repaired quickly and cheaply. The Internet is flooded with repair companies trying to compete for your business but which one offers the best service? Take a Dyson vacuum cleaner for example, we looked at 2 national repair companies and looked at their prices and services. Repaircare They offer a fixed price repair for £99, this includes: Call Out and Evaluation All Required Parts and Labour Professional Safety Check All Work Guaranteed VAT No Hidden Cost They will send you out a 3rd party engineer to repair your Dyson to get it back up and working again. 0800 Repair They offer a maximum labour charge of £60 but you’d have to pay extra for any parts that are required to be fitted. But wait, there’s another option. Did you know that Dyson provide their own repair service? Not only would they send out an official Dyson engineer but they’ll also charge a lot less than most companies out there. Their fixed price repair is only £73 and they will also provide you with a 12 months guarantee on labour and parts. So before you book use a 3rd party company to repair your appliance, contact the manufacturer first because they might work out... read more

Boiler Repair Nightmare for mum and children

A single mum and her 4 children were without heating for 6 days due to a faulty boiler. They had to resort to visiting friends to wash and keep warm. After numerous complaints her boiler was fixed after 6 days. Miss Blake, a Six Town Housing tenant, has four children, Kirk, aged nine, Stevie, aged six, Jorja, aged three, and one-year-old Keith. Miss Blake, a Six Town Housing tenant, has four children, Kirk, aged nine, Stevie, aged six, Jorja, aged three, and one-year-old Keith. She said: “The boiler had been leaking acidic water from the internal overflow pipe. People came out to look at repairing it but they ordered all the wrong parts and then glued the leak with solvent cement and even taped the leak. But nothing worked due to the acidic water being so corrosive. “This left me and my four children without heating and hot water for a total of six days. They offered electric heaters which use a lot of power and I said no. As a single mum, I simply can’t afford to be putting more electric on my meter. “I had to keep myself and my children warm and clean by going round to friends and family.” This week, however, repairs were successfully carried out and the boiler is now... read more

Landlord fined £17,000 over boiler safety

A Sheffield landlord has been fined £17,000 after endangering the lives of a family in one of her rented properties. Sima Yaqub, of Crescent Road, Sheffield, pleaded guilty at Sheffield Magistrates Court to five offences under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998. When the family moved into the property in City Road last July, Yaqub did not have a Landlord’s Gas Safety Record for the boiler. She was also ordered to pay costs of £6,916. The original boiler, in the home, had broken down a number of times, Yaqub replaced it with a used one installed by unregistered fitter, the magistrates heard. The replacement was deemed as “immediately dangerous” when seen by a qualified engineer. The Health and Safety Executive said landlords had “clear duties” to ensure the safety of their tenants. HSE Inspector Denise Fotheringham said Yaqub had “shown a wilful and consistent disregard for the welfare and safety of the tenant and her... read more

Brits spend 72m a year waiting for plumbers

For millions of us waiting for the plumber is the day that never comes. A New report reveals that Britons spend 72 million hours a year waiting in for plumbers, central heating engineers, electricians and other tradesmen Although the average wait at home for a tradesman is a reasonable 2.8 hours, one in seven people have had to wait in for more than five hours until the tradesman cometh – and one in 20 over a day. Add in the delay from reporting a problem to the help arriving, and nearly one in 10 Britons say they have been left without heating, power or water for more than 24 hours at least once over the last three years. It seems the cause is a mixture of difficulty in finding a tradesman, large windows for arrival times – plus frequent late arrivals and, in some cases, no shows. The research reveals how difficult it can be even to reach tradesmen out of working hours, with one in five Britons struggling to find help when needed. One in 10 has found it hard to get someone to come out in the evening, and one in six at the weekend. And with the Easter weekend just passed us by, it may be worth bearing in mind that one in 10 have also struggled to get hold of a tradesman during a bank holiday. Even when we find a tradesman, the average window for arrival is a massive 6.5 hours – almost an entire working day. But one in 10 report that their tradesman could only specify a 24-hour period – with one... read more

The ‘UK’s largest’ Green Deal scheme launches in Leeds

11 councils that make up the Leeds City Region have launched the UK’s largest Green Deal scheme, predicting that more than 12,000 homes in Yorkshire should undertake energy efficiency improvements over the next few years. The £100m initiative is designed reduce the energy bill and cut carbon emission of domestic and non-domestic properties, while maximising economies of scale for the programme through collective purchasing. The City Region expects to appoint a single delivery partner to manage the programme, this is following a procurement process that will kick off next month. It is predicted that the scheme would create 600 jobs over three years, while supporting a further 24,000 direct and supply chain jobs through to the mid-2030s. “We are taking a dynamic approach to tackling fuel poverty, reducing health inequalities and creating jobs,” said Councillor Mehboob Khan, Leeds City Region lead on the Green Deal. “This is an effective way for businesses and residents to pay for energy efficient improvements such as insulation and new heating systems.” The 11 local authorities who are part of the programme include Wakefield, Barnsley, Bradford, and York and together boast a population of more than three million people. Leeds City Region is one of the first areas to agree a so-called ‘City Deal’ with the government to pilot its flagship energy efficiency financing scheme, which offers property owners loans to cover the up-front costs of installing measures such as loft insulation or energy-efficient windows. The government originally faced criticism when revealed that the interest rate for standard Green Deal loans could be as high as 7.96 per cent! But, collective purchasing through City Schemes... read more

What is the green deal

The Green Deal was launched enabling you to make energy-saving improvements to your property or business without having to pay all the costs up front. The ideal is simple; to install new green technology into your home or business. You have the benefit of  paying back the costs  through your energy bill over a period of time. The energy-saving improvements include: Insulation, for example loft or cavity wall insulation Heating, including central heating boiler Draught-proofing Double-glazing Renewable energy technologies, for example solar panels or wind turbines What do I need to do? First your need to get an assessment of your property, this is to assess what improvements can be made and how much you could save on your energy bills You will need to then choose a Green Deal provider to carry out to work. You will discuss with them what work you want done. If you decide to go ahead, you must sign your Green Deal Plan. This is a contract between you and your provider, it will stat what work will be done and how much it will cost. Once the work has been competed, you’ll pay off the money through your electricity... read more

Affordable Warmth

Looking to get a free boiler? The ECO Affordable warm Scheme has been introduced to reduce fuel poverty and reduce heating costs. You could be entitled to an ‘A’ rated energy efficient boiler, check below to see you qualify. What can you get from the Affordable Warm programme? You boiler consumes 60% of your annual energy costs. Installing a new energy-efficient boiler could save you plenty of money. Can I really get a new boiler for free? This is part of our Government’s goal to reduce gas emissions. The ECO (The Energy Companies Obligation) requires energy companies to improve the energy efficiency of households. They aim to achieve this by improving the home efficiency for people with a low income or on certain benefits. The scheme is better know as Affordable Warmth. A new boiler could save you up to £310 a year on your heating bills. Your new boiler would be fitted by a qualified installer, who are affiliated with the Affordable Warmth programme. Only these types of installers can carry out the work, this guarantees that the work will done to a professional level. An authorised assessor will first conduct an in-home assessment. The benefit of this is you don’t have to pick up the bill. Under the ECO, the Government, to pay for these upgrades, has been allocated this money to the big energy companies. The Affordable Warm programme doesn’t just provide you with a free boiler. It could also provide you with loft and cavity wall insulation. If your property is built after 1930 then you’ll find a gap between the inner and outer layers... read more

Preparing your boiler for the winter

Preparing your boiler for the winter, freezing pipes & frozen condensate pipe Winter is on its way and it can say with some certainty that all of us are thinking back to last year and what condition our boilers are in. Although most honest plumbers will recommend that you get your boiler serviced every season, some of us still have enough faith in our technical knowhow and declare the boiler fit on the evidence of it being in perfect shape at the end of last season. In the recent past the UK has experienced very harsh winters with the temperature plummeting as low as -20 c. This has necessitated extra caution when preparing your boiler for the winter. Condensing in high efficiency boilers has been quite common in this harsh weather. This happens when the condensate drainage pipe freezes and gets blocked with ice. In the vast majority of cases this occurs when the condensate drainage pipe is located externally for part or whole of its length. British regulations allow condensate drainage pipes to be located externally for some part of its length. Perhaps this regulation needs to be looked at again to reduce the possibility of frozen condensate pipe. In the meantime however, we need to be better informed when it comes to installing boilers and make sure they are installed in such a way that there is minimum possibility of frozen condensate pipes. It has to be said here that even the best tended boiler will not function properly if it has a frozen condensate pipe problem. The signal that there is a frozen condensate pipe problem... read more

What is the average price of a boiler repair?

Asking ‘what is the average price of a boiler repair’ is a little like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’.  As you can imagine, there are so many variations to be taken into account and it depends also on your type of boiler, the age of it and whether or not it has been well maintained. However, like most things in life, we don’t tend to plan for these types of emergencies and then when the inevitable does happen, we are plunged into panic mode.  Better to be prepared and then at least we can have an emergency action plan A or B to put into effect when needed. If your boiler breaks down in the summer months you may not notice it too much at all.  Very often we switch our boilers off in the warmer times and may only keep it running for hot water if we need to. But if we are unlucky enough to experience a boiler breakdown in the winter months, just how much can we expect to pay for the average price of a boiler repair?  A quick search on the internet will show that approximately one in three boilers will break down in the first six years of purchasing it.  If it comes with a warranty this usually lasts for a year and then you have to make other arrangements.  The manufacturer can often provide you with additional insurance cover, or you can purchase insurance from other dealers. If you choose not to insure and just deal with the emergency as it happens, then do at least get your boiler... read more

Can a new boiler save me money on my heating bills?

If you want to save money on heating, is a new boiler the answer? You might not be keen to pay for a new boiler unless your old one has died and given up, but it’s just like changing your car insurance deal – by switching up to get a new boiler you will have the initial cost, but  we think a new boiler can save you money on your heating bills. Here’s why! We think that a new boiler is one of the best ways to save money on your bills, but it all depends on the type of boiler you have! The best kind are ‘A’ rated and these are the new boilers that have full heating control capabilities. Your old boiler might have done the job but was it efficient? The job of the burner is to burn fuel and keep your home warm, but if it is losing heat, perhaps in the flue, then your old boiler was literally sending money into the air! a new boiler can save you money on heating bills because they are designed to trap all the gasses in the right way, condensing the cold vapours and trapping in all the energy. These new boilers can cost you around £2000, but stick with us because if you want to save money on your heating bills, often a new energy efficient boiler is the best way forward. Here are some signs that you need a new boiler! These include: – If you can’t control he heating, perhaps the timer is faulty or there is no thermostat. By having a thermostat you... read more

Ideal Boilers celebrate winning the 2014 Product of the Year Award

When it comes to boilers manufacturers in the UK, Ideal Boilers has to be on top. Their claim to become the UK’s number 1 manufacturer was boosted by recently winning the 2014 Product of the Year Award. They won this in the Household Boiler category for their Logic + boiler, their high efficiency range. They won this prestigious award by being voted by almost 12,000 members of the public. The Logic Plus comes with a 7 year warranty, if purchased before the end of June, something that no doubt won over a few voters! They are also in good company as previous winners include Nestle, Mars and PepsiCo. The awards night was certainly one to remember. The event was hosted in London’s most central venue. 8 Northumberland Avenue. Here are just some of the consumer feedback that helped then win this award. “THe Logic Plus is high efficiency and simple to run” “Minimum maintenance is required with the Logic Plus” “The Logic+ boiler is extremely eco-friendly, small enough to fit in a cupboard and it’s a good... read more

It’s Snow Time

It’s Snow Time – Our top tips on keep you safe The days are getting longer which means the evenings are getting lighter. Many of us are still waking to a cold and frosty morning, first of all make sure your boiler is programmed to come on during this chilly period. At this time of year, we face an increased risk of snowfall in the UK. Many of us will be looking forward to grabbing those winter woolies and head out to build a snowman, the snow does bring with it some hazardous conditions, especially when driving. Here at Mr Boiler Repairs top tips to help keep you safe when out in these wintry conditions Preparing to drive in wintry conditions Make sure your windscreen and all the other windows are clear of ice – if your vision is obscured through ice or snow, you may be surprised, you could face a hefty fine. Mr Boiler Repairs top tip is to also clear any snow from the roof of your car as this can fall onto your windscreen whilst driving and cars behind you. Your air conditioning can be used for faster demisting and will reduce condensation on cold windows. Your car should have an emergency kit preparing you in the event of a breakdown. The kit should include a touch, food, water, ice scrapper, de-icer, a first aid kit, jump cable, a shovel and a blanket. If you are planning a longer journey, always let someone know you’ve set off, your planned route and the time you expect to arrive. Make sure your mobile is fully charged so... read more

Winter Driving Tips

Here at MR Boiler Repairs we want to provide you our tips on how to stay safe whist driving in wintery conditions Double or even triple your normal stopping distance from the vehicle in front Plan your journey around busier roads as these roads are more likely to have been gritted On motorways, stay in the clearest lane where possible, away from the slush and ice Stay in a higher gear for better control over your vehicle As conditions improve, make sure your fogs lights are only on if necessary as they can dazzle other drivers. In falling snow, use dipped headlights to make yourself visible to other drive but no forget pedestrians. When you pull off make sure you do so gently, avoid those high revs! This will help prevent your wheels spinning and lose traction. If you get yourself into a skid, remember to take your foot off the accelerator and steer, avoiding use of the brake. I hope your have found these tips useful. Winter chills also cause more boiler breakdowns, if you need a boiler repair then give us a call today 0844 272... read more

Thinking about replacing your boiler with a more energy efficient one?

Did you know that your boiler accounts for around 55 per cent of your yearly spend on energy bills? An efficient boiler could then make a big difference. Replacing your old boiler with an A-rated high-efficiency gas condensing boiler and improving your heating controls will significantly cut your home’s carbon dioxide emissions – and could save you as much as £305 a year. How much could you save each year will depend on how old and inefficient your existing gas boiler is. The costs for replacing a gas boiler does vary depending on size and location of property. A straightforward boiler replacement will typically cost around £2,300. Why are new boilers more efficient? They are more efficient for several reasons, but the main reason is that they are all condensing boilers. All well-maintained gas boiler will burn their fuel more efficiently, but they do inevitably lose a small amount of heat in the hot gases that escape up the flue. You will also find that a condensing boiler has a bigger heat exchanger, this enables it to recover more heat, sends cooler gases up the flue making it more efficient. The flue gases sometimes gets so cool that the water vapour in the gas condenses out. When this happens, even more energy is recovered from the condensing vapour, and the efficiency gets higher still. Installing a new boiler When it is time to change your boiler, then the first thing you have to do is to decide what type of boiler you need. What is the right fuel for a new boiler? If you have a mains gas supply,... read more

What does my boiler fault code mean?

Well, if your boiler is displaying a numerical code, this means that your boiler has a fault. Boiler fault codes, are also called boiler error codes which are the numerical indicators of different types of faults and errors that occur in a boiler. These can help you determine what the problem is with your boiler, allowing you to check in your boiler manual for the error code that is being displayed and reading the details of the fault. It goes without saying that if boilers did not display boiler error codes then it would be a lot more difficult to diagnose the problem and the boiler would effectively have to be dismantled partially or wholly for even the smallest of errors. Even the most reliable boilers eventually break down and have to be fixed. The error codes help the boiler repair engineer to work out what the problem is, by giving an accurate diagnosis of the fault, thus saving time and money. Boiler faults can be divided into two categories: those faults which can be rectified by yourself, and errors that require the services of a gas engineer or boiler installer. Faults which can rectified by yourself can be problems like overheating and low water pressure. Problems such as temperature controls or faulty sensors require the services of an installer or engineer. These sorts of problems can sometimes be fixed by yourself at home. So you want to know how to reset a boiler fault code? Well usually this can be done by pressing and holding the standby/reset button for 3 to 4 seconds. However, we would always recommend... read more

How Do I Operate a Hot Water Cylinder?

Many homes install hot water cylinders. These are intended for storage of heat energy and to heat copper tubes in order to provide hot water for bath use, cleaning, washing, cooking, and many other purposes.

read more

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