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Can you help me with a Glow-worm Boiler Repair? Yes we can!

Are you experiencing a fault with your Glow-worm boiler? If so, call our 24 hour UK call centre. MR Boiler Repairs is the UK’s leading boiler repair and service specialist, providing support for domestic, commercial and residential properties. Our low cost fixed price repair service will provide you with peace of mind and avoid any scary repair bills.

What does a Glow-Worm Boiler Repair and Relax include?

  • A fixed price repair
  • With no call out fee’s to pay
  • Aim for a 2 hour emergency response
  • A 12 month boiler breakdown policy*

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Our Repair and Relax option for your Glow-Worm boiler repair is just £239.99. On top of that, after we’ve repaired your boiler we’ll then provide you our 12 month boiler breakdown policy*. But if you require a service for your Glow-Worm boiler, by one of our trusted gas engineers, our fee is just £89 and that includes a 12 month boiler breakdown policy* too.

How a Glow-worm boiler can keep your warm this winter

Keeping warm can be hard, particularly at certain times of year like the autumn and winter when the weather changes, the temperature drops and old Jack Frost comes knocking on the windows and drawing icy patterns on the glass. All of us need to be able to keep the bad weather at bay and keep warm inside our homes without spending a fortune. With energy prices rising all of the time, we need to do all that we can to keep comfortable within the home but do so by using the best products in order to conserve energy and help to maintain the environment.

One manufacturer that can help us with our mission to keep warm but at a reasonable cost is Glow-worm boilers. They have been helping consumers in the UK to provide heating of a good standard and quality, plus lashings of hot water at a reasonable cost for well over 75 years. Not only do Glow-worm boilers supply products of an extremely high quality but they can also provide the whole range of services for you, to include such things as product support for the life of your boiler, technical advice on how to care for this product and on-site support from their friendly team of engineers who man their in-warranty service nationally throughout the UK. MR Boiler Repairs will then provide you an aftersales service to look after your Glow-Worm system.

All of our engineers are professionals when it comes to boiler servicing, plus they are all Gas Safe registered. This means that when they work on your boiler they do so in total compliance with all safety regulations and in conjunction with government legislation. They are fully trained and very experienced in order to carry out the work that they do. Believe it or not, statistics show that our Gas Safe mechanics are able to service 97% of boilers during their first visit. They are able to do this because they carry a vast range of spare parts in their vans, which is certainly a trait to be proud of. Even if they do have to come back to attend to your boiler again, we guarantee that this will be done within two working days.

So you have your Glow-worm boiler installed and are looking forward to spending the winter well protected from the elements and basking in the warm glow of your wonderful central heating system. But before you sit back and relax for too long, what sort of things do you need to do to ensure that your Glow-worm boiler keeps you warm and comfortable for the rest of its working life? As with all types of equipment like this, you need to get your boiler serviced on an annual basis. This will make sure that it is working as it should and that it is maintained in a safe and reliable condition. Any small problems with your boiler can be rectified and put right before they become major faults, thereby preventing you from having to spend time without your boiler functioning.

Free Call Back Service
We’ll call you back within one hour!

Some common boiler faults which have a huge effect on performance vis-a-vis central heating and most probably requiring gas engineers are:

Leaking boiler-There could be a number of reasons for a boiler to be leaking for instance too much water pressure, overheating of water or even a crack in one of the cast iron sections of the boiler. This is a very common boiler fault which plays havoc with central heating and can be expensive as it will most definitely need gas engineers to visit.

Loss of pressure– If the boiler is losing pressure then there may be a leak in the central heating systems. The common place to lose water is the valve on the radiator. The solution is to tighten or replace the valves or get a quote for fixed price boiler repairs carried out by gas engineers.

Boiler not heating water-This is the main function of a boiler and effects everything from washing up to central heating. There can be a number of reasons for this very common boiler fault and gas engineers should take a look at it.

Boiler not igniting-This is also a common boiler fault and it is recommended that it should be corrected by gas engineers.

No central heating– Boilers are made of different components and any one could have played a part in central heating not working. Checking the fuse followed by reading the error code on the front display can take us to the heart of the problem. Then we can decide if a gas engineer is needed.

Frozen condensate pipe– This is another common boiler fault especially in relatively colder winters. This happens when the condensate in the pipe which goes through the outer wall to the outer drain freezes. This normally does not require gas engineers and can be fixed by pouring hot water on the frozen portion of the pipe.

Noisy boiler or noisy central heating-This can be due to lime scale build up in the heat exchanger causing it to rumble. Noisy or gurgling and rumbling central heating pipes are also a result of lime scale build up in the pipes or air in the system. This is also a common boiler fault to be fixed by gas engineers.

The natures of common boiler faults can are quite varied and most have a direct effect on central heating. It is recommended to shop around for fixed boiler repair rates and make sure gas engineers employed to carry out repairs are well trained.

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