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Brits spend 72m a year waiting for plumbers

For millions of us waiting for the plumber is the day that never comes. A New report reveals that Britons spend 72 million hours a year waiting in for plumbers, central heating engineers, electricians and other tradesmen

Although the average wait at home for a tradesman is a reasonable 2.8 hours, one in seven people have had to wait in for more than five hours until the tradesman cometh – and one in 20 over a day.

Add in the delay from reporting a problem to the help arriving, and nearly one in 10 Britons say they have been left without heating, power or water for more than 24 hours at least once over the last three years.

It seems the cause is a mixture of difficulty in finding a tradesman, large windows for arrival times – plus frequent late arrivals and, in some cases, no shows.

The research reveals how difficult it can be even to reach tradesmen out of working hours, with one in five Britons struggling to find help when needed. One in 10 has found it hard to get someone to come out in the evening, and one in six at the weekend. And with the Easter weekend just passed us by, it may be worth bearing in mind that one in 10 have also struggled to get hold of a tradesman during a bank holiday.

Even when we find a tradesman, the average window for arrival is a massive 6.5 hours – almost an entire working day. But one in 10 report that their tradesman could only specify a 24-hour period – with one in five longer than a day and 6% a week or more.

To make matters worse, a third of Britons claim that the last time a tradesman arrived they were late – one in 10 by more than an hour – and one in 100 did not show at all.

Source : HomeServe

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