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Did you need help with Ariston boiler fault and error code?

Has your Ariston boiler developed a fault? MR Boiler Repairs have created a library of fault codes on Ariston boilers. This is to help you identify the fault you’re a experiencing with your Ariston boiler.


Book a boiler repair with us and we’ll offer you

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♦  A call out time convenient for you

♦  12 months boiler breakdown insurance*

Those who own Ariston Boilers have reported that sometimes the device just fails to start or loses pressure yet there is not a single trace of leak.

In certain instances, the boiler only gives warm water for 20 to 30 seconds then water turns cold. We have heard of customers complain that the problem is not detectable and they have had problems contacting the manufacturer with no concrete permanent help. In certain instances, you realize that it is the air pressure switch, which is normally part of the ignition. This switch works together with the fan, however, when the boiler heats up the air pressure switch may cause the heater circuit to break thereby dispensing warm and then cold water when switched on. The most common possibility is that certain parts involved in the heating process are damaged too, so it’s important to ensure every part is in perfect condition. In order to identify the correct Ariston Boiler fault code, the first step is to contract the service of a registered professional who can handle the repair. However, it is important to identify the error code for your Ariston boiler before contacting the specialist, who will need the exact Ariston boiler error codes before identifying the next course of action.

The engineer would almost likely focus in diagnosing the error and fault codes for the Ariston boiler, so as to allow for a complete analysis and assessment of the whole system. The good news is that most of such fault codes are what local engineers at Manufacturer Repairs deal with on their day to day work assignments. In fact, an engineer at Manufacturer Repairs would conduct a quick diagnosis to identify the exact spot with fault, and more importantly, at no additional cost, making the whole process more cost-effective. This process gives the customers peace of mind in the sense that they are aware of the price beforehand, and are never confronted with inconsistent pricing criteria that many other firms or independent specialists adopt.

Other than waiting for the error codes and fault codes to appear, the manufacturer recommends that the boiler receives regular annual service without fail. In other words, a specialised firm like Manufacturer Repairs does regular repairs for a fixed price, with its highly professional registered professionals whose skills are unmatched in the industry. In addition, they do not hurry the entire process of servicing, and keen to ensure the whole process is done with the thoroughness it deserves.











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