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Boiler fault and error code information for the Ariston Combi A boiler

Do you have a faulty Ariston Combi A boiler? If your boiler experiences a fault then your boiler should display an error code. Please refer to the table below to diagnose the fault.

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Error codes for the Ariston Combi A boiler

    • A01 Overheat lock out
    • A03 No flame after safety time
    • A36 Flue pipe too high temperature
    • A37 CPU fault
    • A39 MCU fault 1
    • A40 MCU fault 2
    • A41 Fan error
    • E02 Pump protection
    • E04 No flame detection
    • E05 Anti freezing system, pump on
    • E06 Anti freezing system, pump and burner on
    • E07 No water circulation in primary circuit
    • E08 No water in the primary circuit
    • E09 DHW sensor open circuit
    • E10 DHW sensor short circuit
    • E11 flow sensor open circuit
    • E12 Flow sensor short circuit
    • E13 Return sensor open circuit
    • E14 Return sensor short circuit
    • E15 Outdoor sensor open circuit
    • E16 Outdoor sensor short circuit
    • E18 Flame lift
    • E20 Flame detect with gas valve off
    • E22 Fault air pressure switch
    • E23 Low fan speed
    • E29 Room thermostat open circuit
    • E30 Rom thermostat short circuit
    • E33 Floor heating thermostat open circuit
    • E37 Communication problem with the main PCB
    • E38 Reset button pressed 5 times in 15 minutes

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Ariston Boiler Manuals / Instructions

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