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Baxi boiler fault and error codes help and advice

Has your Baxi boiler developed a fault? Manufacturer Repairs has created a library of fault codes on Baxi boilers. This is to help you identify the fault you’re a experiencing with your Baxi boiler.

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Baxi Boiler fault codes or error codes suggest a specific type of problem that may be affecting your Baxi Boiler.

For instance, error code E168 means that the boiler has detected a problem but is not sure of the exact problem. In most cases, this happens either when boiler has an internal fault or is affected by an external fault such as unstable electricity supply. Sometimes, the boiler could have shown a different error code before eventually showing error code E168. In other words, error codes E168 normally comes last when another error code has been showing but probably you failed to notice. If the initial error code or fault code is noted, it would help the repair specialist you finally call to assist to diagnose the exact problem to resolve. Once a specific error or fault code is noted, it can easily be fixed by a registered specialist.

The boiler reset, which causes error E168 to appear, could be caused by someone using the boiler controls or a computer program that auto run the system. So what happens is that the boiler will reset to make it forget the problem, and continue to function well for a short while before stalling again. Sometimes, however, the problem could just be unreliable power supply that makes the boiler detect a problem but cannot identify the exact problem because the system is just fine.

In certain instances, the restart may not be of much help as the boiler could persistently show E168. Sometimes the heating may continue, overheat and eventually switch off automatically. Because error E168 is normally associated with unidentified error, one could assume a blockade in certain parts of the boiler or a fault in the diverter. However, the problem could be larger than that and the best way to resolve it is to have a registered specialist attend to it. In other words, the boiler constantly displaying an error simply means that it needs attention from a specialist. It is thus recommended that you identify the error codes for a Baxi boiler and call a company with reputable engineers to assess the status of the boiler. The reason why it is very important to call an established company like MR Boiler Repairs is because of their fixed pricing criteria and quick turnaround. Moreover, it is more critical to have a longer warranty period for such repair services such that you save on any future repair in case a problem emerges within the warranty period.


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