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Has your Glow-worm boiler developed a fault or error code?

Has your Glow-Worm boiler developed a fault? MR Boiler Repairs have created a library of fault codes on Glow-Worm boilers. This is to help you identify the fault you’re a experiencing with your Glow-Worm boiler.


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You arrive at home in the evening and find out that your glow-worm 30ci boiler, or whichever model of glow-worm boiler you own, is working no more.

All you can see is a red light flashing and displaying a specific fault code. Sometimes, a simple switch off of the power source and switch on again may seem to resolve the problem as the glow-worm boiler will start working again. Although this is a common problem with condenser boilers during extreme cold season (winter), it can also mean the boiler has just stalled and needs professional repair. If it’s just about the temperature, then it could be that the pipe has frozen and the boiler has shut down. In such a case, pouring warm water over the small plastic outlet pipe and resetting the boiler is enough to solve the problem. Sometimes, however, this simple procedure doesn’t work, and you must seek the service of a professional to help out.

Once a glow-worm boiler has developed a technical fault that needs fixing, the best approach is to identify the type of fault code or error code to forward to a repair company or a registered engineer. They’ll be able to advice on the best way out. That is, a call on the repair company should entail providing the exact Glow-worm Boiler fault codes and Glow-worm boiler error codes. The type of error or fault code can be identified by checking at the data on

It is also important to note that the person you call to fix the problem must be a registered gas engineer. Whenever not sure, it would be prudent to call on an established company’s service to send registered and qualified engineers. Remember that it is a criminal offense to have someone not licensed to work on a gas appliance in the name of correcting fault codes for a Glow-worm boiler. MR Boiler Repairs is a leading boiler repair and service specialist that has developed a wide range of library that not only helps people troubleshoot and identify error andfault codes for a Glow-worm boiler among other gas equipments but also responds to their repair and service needs whenever called upon. Once a customer calls MR Boiler Repairs and reports error codes for a Glow-worm boiler or fault codes for a Glow-worm boiler, the company sends a qualified engineer within the shortest time possible, even in emergency cases. The MR Boiler Repairs engineer not only repairs the fault but also services the entire machine, with the company providing a rare 12 months insurance policy*.











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