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Do you have a faulty Ideal I-mini boiler that’s displaying a boiler fault code?

Is your Ideal I-mini boiler not working? Below is trouble shooting advice for guidance. If you require an Ideal boiler repair then please give us a call and we’ll send you a Gas Safe service engineer to repair your boiler.

What does an Ideal Boiler Repair and Relax include?

  • A fixed price repair
  • With no call out fee’s to pay
  • Aim for a 2 hour emergency response
  • A 12 month boiler breakdown policy*

Our Repair and Relax option to fix your Idea boiler fault code is just £239.99. On top of that, after we’ve repaired your boiler we’ll then provide you our 12 month boiler breakdown policy*. But if you require a service for your Ideal boiler, by one of our trusted gas engineers, our fee is just £89 and that includes a 12 month boiler breakdown policy* too.

I-mini fault codes

F6        Outside Sensor Failure

F7        Low Mains Voltage

F9        Unconfirmed PCB

F0        No Water Flow Thermistor

L5        5 Boiler Resets in 15 minutes

L6        False Flame Lockout

C0       BCC Activation Fault

C2       BCC Fault

F1        Low Water Pressure

L1        Flow Temperature Overheat

L3        No Water Flow

F2        Flame Loss

L2        Flame Loss

F3        Fan Fault

F4        Flow Thermistor

F5        Return Thermistor

If you do need an engineer to repair your boiler then make sure you only use a Gas Safe Registered engineer to repair it.










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