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Fault and error codes for the Keston C36 and C36P Combi Boilers

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Are you experiencing a fault with your Keston C36 or C35P boiler? If a situation is detected which the boiler considers may cause damage to the appliance the boiler will enter a lockout mode and stop functioning. After clearing the problem you must also press the “Reset” button once to resume boiler operation.

Fault codes of the Keston C36 or C36P

E01     Ignition failure

E02     False flame

E03     Boiler overheat

E05     Fan failure

E07     Flue failure

E08     Flame circuit error

E09     Valve drive error

E10     Control box errors

E11     Automatic test for calibration of flow and return sensors has failed











E22     All fault codes from E12 – E22 are control box errors

E23     Water filling error

E24     Water pressure lost 4 times in 24 hours

E25     Control box errors

E26     Flame signal lost 5 times in 4 minutes

E30     Flow sensor short circuit

E31     Flow sensor short circuit

E32     DHW sensor short circuit

E33     DHW sensor open circuit

E34     Mains supply voltage <180V

E35     Mains supply frequency incorrect

E37     Water pressure too high

E38     Reset key fault – replace fascia PCB

E40     Water pressure too high

E41     Communication error between fascia and control box

E43     Return sensor short circuit

E44     Return sensor open circuit

E45     Flue sensor short circuit

E46     Flue sensor open circuit

E99     As E41

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Keston Boiler Manuals / Instructions

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