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Keston Qudos 28s and Qudos 28sP boiler fault and error codes

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Are you experiencing a fault with your Keston Qudos 28s and 28sP boiler? In the event of a fault causing a boiler shutdown the display will show an error message “E nn”

Error codes for the Keston Qudos 28s and 28sP boilers

E01     Flame sequence lockout

E02     Ignition failure

E03     Spark gap too small 

E04     Flame lost 5 times in a single demand period

E12     Flow overheat

E20     Fan unable to reach ignition rate

E24     Return flow temperature by 10C

E25     Flow temperature increased too quickly

E26     Water pressure sensor is open circuit/disconnected

E28     Fan fault

E31     Flow thermistor closed circuit

E32     Return thermistor closed circuit

E33     DHW thermistor closed circuit

E35     Flue thermistor closed circuit

E36     Flow thermistor open circuit/not connected

E37     Return thermistor open circuit/not connected

E38     DHW thermistor open circuit/not connected

E40     Flue thermistor open circuit/not connected

E52     Flue overheat 

E62     Water pressure is >2.7 bar

E67     Water pressure is <0.4 bar

E70     Cabinet overheat

E73     Code plug error

E74     Supply voltage <190V

E75     Supply voltage >270V

E76     Solar panel sensor closed circuit

E77     Solar panel sensor 

E95     Solar tank sensor closed circuit

E96     Solar tank sensor open circuit

If you need a service engineer from Keston to repair your boiler then book a boiler repair today.


Keston Boiler Manuals / Instructions

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