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Is your Potterton boiler displaying a fault or error code?

Potterton boilers are prone to giving varied error codes every time they are restarted. For instance, an error code E160 may appear for the first time it is restarted, yet neither the fan nor the PCB shows any sign of a technical failure. The recommendation is that when any error code for a Potterton boiler appears, you should fill up expansion vessel up to 1 bar using foot pump. Sometimes when the boiler is switched on, it still can’t start and a new error code emerges, mostly E168. However, when left to cool for about 20 minutes, the boiler may start and run for several minutes and stalls again, returning with error E160 and then error E68 once again.

There could be several reasons why Potterton boiler fails to work normally and give varied error codes. Sometimes, people assume that the Potterton boiler error code is just a simple board fault that can be fixed by just replacing the board. However, normally the underlying fault may be more complex than one would imagine and a simple change of board will not solve the problem. Instead, the entire system must be checked to identify the fault codes to ensure the actual error is revealed, before the right repair is commenced.

When you notice any error codes for your Potterton boiler, and all the restart and diagnosis attempts according to the manufacturer’s manual have failed, the next step is to call for assistance from a registered gas engineer. Considering that it is illegal to open any part of the boiler when you are not a qualified registered engineer, the specialist will be able to dig deeper and unearth the actual error before recommending the next course of action. In fact, error E168 is more like a warning that there is a fault that must be attended to before the boiler begins operate normally.


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There are times that a boiler would just fail to work at your most hour of need. Alpha Boiler, one of the most popular boiler brands, does develop some technical problems.

When Manufacturer Repairs engineers are consulted on such issues as error code for a Potterton boiler, they recommend that all the manual instructions must be followed in checking common faults. In case of a more complex error or persistent problem, Manufacturer Repairs engineers would do a full scan to the boiler and ensure the right fault code for a potterton boiler is identified, and correction is carried out immediately. The good news is that Manufacturer Repairs charges a fixed price, so it’s unlikely that the process will rip you off whenever you face such a problem. Moreover, their response to emergency is quick and reliable, and the entire process is likely to cost you less than imagined.











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