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Boiler fault and error code information for the Vaillant Ecomax PRO 18.28E

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Are you experiencing a fault code with your Ecomax PRO 18.28E boiler? Below you’ll find information on the fault codes for your boiler and the possible reasons for the fault you are experiencing.

Fault codes for the Ecomax PRO 18.28E boiler

F1        No gas, ignition fault, gas valve adjustment, electrode lead defective, Possible flue fault

F4        Ignition fault when lit, check as above

F5        Overheat fault, overheat stat oprtated

F6        Flow NTC fault

F16      Gas valve fault

F17      Check polarity 

F24      System fault, possible failed pump, pump over-run, or air lock

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Vaillant Boiler Manuals / Instructions

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