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Is your Vaillant ecoTECH exclusive 838 displaying a boiler fault or error code?

Are you experiencing a fault with your ecoTECH 838 boiler? If so, call our 24 hour UK call centre. MR Boiler Repairs is the UK’s leading boiler repair and service specialist, providing support for domestic, commercial and residential properties. Our low cost fixed price repair service will provide you with peace of mind and avoid any scary repair bills.

Are you experiencing a fault with your EcoTEC exclusive boiler? Below you’ll find information on the fault codes for your boiler and the possible reasons for the fault you are experiencing.

Fault codes for the EcoTEC exclusive 832

Con  No  Communication with the printed circuit board
F.0 Interruption feed temperature sensor (NTC)
F.1  Interruption return temperature sensor (NTC)
F.10 Short-circuit in feed temperature sensor
F.11 Short-circuit in return temperature sensor
F13 Short-circuit on heat retention storage tank sensor
F.20 Safety temperature limiter activated 
F.22 Dry Fire
F.23Water shortage, temperature spread between flow and return probe too large 

F.24 Water shortage, temperature rise too quick
F.25 Interruption in cable harness
F.27 External light
F.28 Appliance does not start: Attempts to ignite during start failed
F.29 Flame goes off during operation and subsequent ignition attempts failed
F.32 Speed deviation fan


 under voltage

F.61 Gas valve control faulty
F.62 Gas valve shutoff delay defective
F.63 EEPROM faulty
F.64 Electronics/sensor fault
F.65 Electronics temperature too high
F.67 Flame monitor input signal is outside the limits 
F.70 No valid appliance variant for display and/or electronics
F.71 Constant value feed NTC
F.72 Flow and/or return fault
F.73 Signal water pressure sensor in the wrong rage (too low)
F.74 Signal water pressure sensor in the wrong range (too high)
F.75 No sudden change in pressure was detected on turning on the pump
F.76 Interruption in cable harness
F.77 Condensate pump faulty or return signal from accessory module  heating 



Vaillant Boiler Manuals / Instructions

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